Index About the Alna Group

We are the leading company in the IT market in the Baltic States, developing our business not only in this region, but also in the entire European Union as well as other countries of the world. Since the start of its activities in 1989, Alna had gained a lot of valuable experience, due to which today we are able to provide unique IT services of especially high quality valued by our customers and partners all over the world.

The main enterprises of the Alna company group are IT services and consulting company Alna Intelligence, the developer of customised software solutions Alna Software, the developer and implementer of enterprise resource application solutions Alna Business Solutions and the provider of business process outsourcing services BPO House, the companies owned by which operate in Lithuania and Poland. The Lithuanian company DocLogix is also a part of Alna Group.  

Currently, all of the Alna Group employs more than 350 professionals. We offer innovative ideas, fast quality work, creative approach and flexibility.

We guarantee not only the latest technology-based solutions, but also a beneficial partnership as well as new business opportunities.